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Friday, September 4, 2015

gary marotta fine art g-1 presents MAGGIE SIMONELLI: ENCAUSTICS rec Fri & Sat 9/4 & 5 7-9pm

Simie Maryles Gallery presents "The Great Big Miniature Show" rec Sept. 4 7-10pm

Kurt Walters
"Chickadee on Chinese Teacup"

acrylic on Masonite with gold leaf 5 x 7

Simie Maryles
"Silver for the Sky, Lavender for the Soul"
oil on linen panel 6 x 6
Stephen Cerceillo
"Feeling Lightheaded"
acrylic on canvas 6 x 6

Alden Gallery presents “CATHERINE McCARTHY + ALICE DENISON”—Sept. 4 – 17, 2015 rec. Fri. September 4, 7 – 9pm

The More Things Change, by Catherine McCarthy, oil and ballpoint pen on canvas, 20” x 16”
Mixed Meta: Urn I, by Alice Denison, oil and acrylic on panel, 48” x 36”

PAAM presents HILDA NEILY: MID-CENTURY SURVEY opening reception Friday, September 4, 8pm

Hilda Neily, oil on board   

Born in Vermont and a resident of Provincetown since 1968, Hilda Neily studied various theories of painting before developing a strong interest in Plein Air Impressionist painting. This interest led her to study for 15 years at the Cape School of Art in Provincetown with Henry Hensche- the master impressionist who studied with and served as assistant to the painter Charles Hawthorne, founder of the Cape Cod School of Art. Today Neily is a master painter in her own right, and is considered to be one of the Cape School’s most adept practitioners. Neily’s paintings are included in private, corporate and museum collections throughout the US and abroad. In Provincetown she teaches at the Cape School of Art and is represented by the Hilda Neily Gallery.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

LOVINGER GALLERY hosts photographic exhibit to benefit Nepal earthquake survivors Aug. 7, 7-9pm

An old woman sits serenely upon the steps of a local temple, her countenance almost regal, a young boy peeks out the window of an elaborate brick building at something unseen and only imagined, vendors display colorful collages of food and wares, and in the distance horizontal stripes of muted blue form a magnificent abstract canvas of the majestic Himalayas overlooking the city. It is another day in Bhaktapur, an ancient city in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley, just eight miles from Nepal's capital city of Kathmandu and a designated World Heritage Site. Bhaktapur, in sanskrit “city of devotees,” has long been a destination for both tourists and religious pilgrims who flock to its many religious landmarks and palace courtyards. 

Provincetown photographer Jeff Lovinger spent a week there in early April of 2015. He wandered the narrow lanes of delicate brick buildings interwoven with wooden shutters and balconies photographing elaborate temples, terra cotta monuments and the colorful carnival of everyday life. He witnessed “Bisket Jatra,” the Nepalese New Year celebration in which chariots are pulled through the streets and ultimately a tug of war over them determines, ironically, who will be blessed with good fortune in the coming year. And then he returned to Provincetown. 


Exactly ten days later a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake, whose epicenter was just 30 miles from Bhaktapur, would take the lives of roughly 2,000 people and injure some 5,000 more in this Eastern region of Nepal. Jeff, now back home, developed his photos- their beauty suddenly all the more powerful and poignant as they presaged an unspeakable disaster . He promised himself he would share them and the proceeds from their sale to help those he had just left behind.

A benefit for the Nepal earthquake survivors will be held on August 7 from 7-9 pm at the Lovinger Gallery, 427 Commercial Street. Photos from the trip will be on display with 50% of all proceeds from their sale going to several organizations assisting the survivors of the earthquake. For further information, contact Lovinger Gallery at 508-487-3733/ --Patricia Zur

Alden Gallery presents JOERG DRESSLER + HEATHER TOLAND Opening reception: Friday, August 7, 2015, 7 to 9 pm thru AUG. 20

Joerg Dressler

Joerg Dressler’s work is driven by nature and how we perceive it. When he is in the studio, he paints solely from memory. As a result, disjointed experiences of the seen and learned are re-assembled, creating a reality of their own. Joerg’s evocative, vigorous paintings derive from a sincere dialogue between the representational and the abstract, the conceptual consciousness and pure spontaneity. 

Heather Toland

For her first exhibit at the Alden Gallery, New Hampshire-based artist Heather Toland is completing a series of hyper-real close-up oil portraits of individual billiard balls from an old junked set. “My paintings focus on details of the antediluvian,” Heather says, “expounding the distinctive textures and colors of surfaces long ago discarded.  

Cortile Gallery presents "Vintage & Contemporary Cape Cod" Opening this Friday August 7th from 7-9pm

Home Port by Catherine Skowron
Rebecca Bruyn, The Fishing Fleet 1/1

Kiley Court Gallery presents JOAN COBB MARSH- RECENT WORK August 7th-16th, reception Friday, August 7th, 7-9 pm

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Robertson is a self-taught artist. She was born and raised in Wales, in the UK, and moved to America in her late 20s, living in California for 7 years before settling on Cape Cod in 1999.  She is drawn especially to maps for many reasons: "they are beautiful to look at, they represent areas lived in and places still to visit, and I have incredibly fond memories of learning to map read as a very small child."

 I make art from items that were created for some other purpose, now isolated from their original function and given a new, more unique role and a life beyond what was initially intended. It's not about repurposing or recycling, but about seeing everyday things in a different way; using two or more elements and making them better for being together.  And by using different items from different sources I combine their individual histories, and in doing so create a new collective history.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Berta Walker Gallery presents JOSEPHINE and SALVATORE DEL DEO Opening Reception Friday, August 14, 6 - 8 pm

Berta Walker Gallery is proud to help premiere Josephine Del Deo's recent book "The Watch at Peaked Hill, Outer Cape Cod Dune Shack Life, 1953-2003" along with new and older paintings by master artist Salvatore Del Deo focusing on the Outer Cape's environment of land, sea, dunes, fishermen. Additionally, the gallery's artists will show a variety of paintings related to these subjects, honoring Josephine Del Deo and her unique work on behalf of our community and artistic history.

"The Watch at Peaked Hill, Outer Cape Cod Dune Shack Life, 1953-2003" just released by Schiffer publishers, chronicles the ongoing relationship between members of the Provincetown arts community and the dune dwellers and dune shacks on the outer shore and the influence of that life on the entire community of artists and writers. It reveals the ongoing trials and tribulations of preserving the dunes while still allowing artists and writers to live amongst them. 

Salvatore Del Deo is always having a dialogue in his paintings with the world he lives in and especially with the nature of the Outer Cape. Through the over sixty years of his painting career, coinciding with time he & Josephine spent in the dunes, he has created an immense and diverse body of work. His is a style that seems to traverse the continuum from the   realistic to the abstract, with a natural fluidity available only to one who is thoroughly centered. His visual vocabulary was built up over years of study and looking and seeing.  His view of the world is both engaging and compassionate, achieved by a rich palette and a soulful perspective.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rice Polak Gallery presents work by Blair Bradshaw, Larry Calkins, Adam Graham, Suzanne Howes Stevens, Willie Little and Matthew Schofield rec. 7/31 7pm thru 8/19

Blair Bradshaw's paintings and constructions tend to focus on the graphic simplifications of larger, more complicated systems.

 Larry Calkins began by making his mark in outsider art circles but quickly moved into the mainstream of the art world.

Adam Graham began studying impressionist painting under the guidance of his father, painter Bob Graham who was a longtime pupil of Henry Hensche. Adam 's interest is in using the principles learned painting en plein air for the last 11 years and applying them to new and original motifs.

Suzanne Howes Stevens quite literally grounds her work in the real world via her trademark of painting over maps mounted on canvas or panel.   The geography of the underlying map relates to the subject of her painting for which it forms the support.
 Willie Little draws upon his background of growing up black in the rural South as inspiration for his art. His works range from abstract paintings to mixed media assemblages, incorporating family history and photographs to full-scale installations recreating memories from the artist's childhood. 
 Matthew Schofield's current painting series explores snapshots painted with unsentimental observation. He is interested in observing the idiosyncratic nature of the photographer and their subjects.

FINE ARTS WORK CENTER presents MICHAEL MAZUR: Selected Works rec. 7/31 6-8pm thru Aug. 16

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hutson Gallery Highlights: Kristen Gossler, Peter Macara, Felice Newman and Michael Page 8/7-20 rec. 8/7 7-9pm

"A Bit of Venice" by Peter Macara

Peter Macara looks again to antiquities for inspiration: traditional motifs, border designs and repeating shapes that fall victim to the forces of time—cracking, breaking and eroding. “My artworks contrast predictable patterns against the seemingly random, broken shapes of crumbling material. Our minds fill in the gaps. In an effort to create memorable objects, the plywood support material is shaped to mimic slabs of terra cotta, plaster or stone. The artworks take on a presence that goes beyond pictorial, venturing into an area similar to low-relief sculpture. Nonetheless, these constructions, although irregular in shape, still provide reliably flat planes for the application of paint and collage. This interplay of substance, form, collage and traditional painting is the hallmark of my work." 

"Red Dinghy" by Felice Newman

Felice Newman delights the eyes with her pier-scapes and dinghies that glide toward you. The colors, patterns and textures create a glow that calls to mind a seductive summertime with rolling swells irrespective of whether you are on water or land. Newman was inspired to begin painting in Provincetown during her stays on Captain Jack's Wharf as she watched the horizon-sky, land and sea trading their colors back and forth in an endless conversation. "After a number of summers in Provincetown, the urge to grab a pallet knife and push color along a canvas became visceral. I discovered my fascination with mood and emotion in the movement of colors and textures across the canvas."

"idealism vs reality" by Michael Page

Michael Page's 2015 body of paintings is a conscience attempt to work outside his comfort zone by using a broader, more vibrant palette and wider range of compositional elements. With its abstracted cross, rectangles, squares and other geometric elements “idealism vs reality” brings to mind the nonobjective paintings of the Suprematists. Page’s paintings are both simple and complex in colors and composition with the added dimensions of textures.

Untitled by Kristen Gossler

Kristen Gossler uses aqueous pigment and acrylic resin to create paintings; she builds each composition “with a cacophony of marks and layers of color and texture that ultimately are resolved by my minimal aesthetic of symbolism”. She paints in a large format.

Kobalt Gallery presents ROSE MASTERPOL "Dogmata" 7/31-8/11 rec. 7/31 7- 10 pm

Watermark, 2015, Acrylic on Canvas, 60"x60"

KOBALT GALLERY is pleased to announce “Dogmata”, a solo exhibition featuring new work by Abstract Expressionist painter Rose Masterpol. Based in Santa Fe, NM, Masterpol, a new addition to the 2015 Kobalt Gallery roster, brings her demanding, emphatically expressive approach to the Provincetown art arena.
Art critic and curator Peter Frank cites “Masterpol recapitulates the influence of Mitchell, De Kooning, Motherwell, Gorky, and Kline with remarkable intelligence and sensitivity: her paintings are genuine, unabashed Abstract Expressionist works right down to their Surrealist reliance on the impulsive mark and their Cubist articulation of space.”

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hutson Gallery Highlights: Gay Malin, Rose Olson, William Skerritt and Luanne E Witkowski REC. Friday, July 24 7 - 9 pm Thru Aug. 6

"Sentinels of Disquietude" by Gay Malin

Gay Malin returns to her sculpting in bronze with her fantastic series “Sentinels of Disquietude.” Malin envisioned the ten sentinels as “connect[ing] with that part of human nature that is evidenced by a sense of foreboding, anxiety, agitation, angst--the things that disturb us and that we find within ourselves as well.”

Double Gold, 2015 by Rose Olson

Rose Olson has always been interested in the color of almost anything and especially by color created with changing light. Plywood veneers and liquid paints allow Rose to build her painting in many transparent and translucent films of color while still revealing the specific grain of wood.

Luanne E Witkowski returns with work not previously seen in the gallery. Witkowski’s work is about process and material: she incorporates clay mixed with acrylic paint, pigment and other media including fragments of a photograph.

William Skerritt’s new work includes watercolor, drypoint, etchings, and two white line woodblock prints.