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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hutson Gallery Highlights: Gay Malin, Rose Olson, William Skerritt and Luanne E Witkowski REC. Friday, July 24 7 - 9 pm Thru Aug. 6

"Sentinels of Disquietude" by Gay Malin

Gay Malin returns to her sculpting in bronze with her fantastic series “Sentinels of Disquietude.” Malin envisioned the ten sentinels as “connect[ing] with that part of human nature that is evidenced by a sense of foreboding, anxiety, agitation, angst--the things that disturb us and that we find within ourselves as well.”

Double Gold, 2015 by Rose Olson

Rose Olson has always been interested in the color of almost anything and especially by color created with changing light. Plywood veneers and liquid paints allow Rose to build her painting in many transparent and translucent films of color while still revealing the specific grain of wood.

Luanne E Witkowski returns with work not previously seen in the gallery. Witkowski’s work is about process and material: she incorporates clay mixed with acrylic paint, pigment and other media including fragments of a photograph.

William Skerritt’s new work includes watercolor, drypoint, etchings, and two white line woodblock prints.

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